4 Step Guide to Chartering a Private Jet

Chartering a private jetWith the increases in airfare, many businesses and individuals are looking to chartering a private jet to get to their destination of choice. Key factors for many when choosing to fly private is time, check- in and customs line ups are not only frustrating but time consuming. Throw in unexpected delays and intrusive searches and you can see why flying commercial is not the preferred choice for those with options.
Also, many destinations are not regularly, if at all, serviced by commercial airlines.

Benefits of chartering a private jet

When you fly a private charter, you skip long airport lines, you often fly direct to your destination and you enjoy the convenience and comfort of your own personal aircraft. Flying private gives you complete control and flexibility over your schedule, with the comfort and privacy that charter flights are known for.
In order to arrange a charter flight, you will need to do and keep the following things in mind;

1.Source a TRUSTED Service Provider
Start your search on line and review the various service providers in your area/region. Safety, quality and depth of experience should be your primary decision drivers so look for companies with independent endorsements (Argus Platinum), years of experience and good quality aircraft.

Reviewing testimonials and personal referrals are also a good way to select an aircraft charter company. In the end CHEAPEST IS NOT THE BEST WAY TO GO when you book a private charter so review details carefully before you book.

2.Choose the right Aircraft for your Travel
Mission profile is the key to selecting the right aircraft. Review your needs first—how many passengers are travelling, do you need to fly direct, how much luggage you will be taking and what is your price point.
Review the fleet offerings of a Trusted Service Provider and outline your mission profile. A reputable service provider will, if able, provide you with various options that will meet your needs.

3.Get a Quote
If you like the charter aircraft that the company provides then go ahead and either inquire for a quote by contacting a representative, or go through the on-line process that most service providers have available. When choosing to go through an on-line quote section, you will need to choose from several different categories including:

    • Empty Legs: these are flights that are already scheduled to take passengers to a one-way destination. When this happens, an empty leg will become available for the return journey as the aircraft must fly back to its previous destination empty. By utilizing this type of flight, you can fly for an inexpensive price.
    • One-way: takes a paying passenger one-way.
    • Round-trip: takes a paying passenger to their destination and back once their business or leisure time has commenced.
    • Multi-leg: is a trip that has an itinerary that requires more than two stops.

During the on-line process, you will be asked to select what type of charter jet you will want. Select one, and submit your e-mail and information for contact. Once you have gone through this process, you will receive a quote based on your departure, destination, and aircraft selection. If you are happy with the quote, go ahead and book the charter flight by either going through their on-line process or contacting a representative.

4.Get the Final Cost
There is nothing worse than getting a bill that is a lot higher than your expected amount. Make sure to inquire about the final cost that includes extras such as catering, ground transportation, and device fees.

For more information on chartering a private jet with Skyservice, please contact us at 1.866.759.4132 or send an email to chartersales@skyservice.com.

On behalf of all of us at Skyservice, safe travels!

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