Selecting the Right Connectivity Solution for Your Business Aircraft

Whether you find yourself at home or in the office, casually reviewing emails or catching up on the latest sports news, the seamless functionality of your email connectivity is usually taken for granted—you simply expect it to work efficiently.

Similarly, when it comes to in-flight connectivity in your aircraft, you and your passengers desire a comparable level of convenience. Choosing the right options for integrating in-flight connectivity into your aircraft may seem like a daunting task, however, it does not have to be overly complicated.

In today’s context, various systems catering to business aircraft provide high-speed internet services. When considering factors such as reliability, convenience, cost, and support, two companies, Gogo and Satcom Direct, stand out.

As operators explore the realm of Wi-Fi and in-flight internet options, deciphering the features, capabilities, and service levels linked to each system can be intricate. Several factors demand consideration, such as identifying the in-flight internet system that best meets the needs of passengers.

  • It is essential to identify the aircraft’s mission and its flight destinations — does it exclusively operate in North America or globally?
  • Is internet usage substantial, and do passengers prioritize email, or is there a preference for video streaming and conference meetings?
  • Additionally, should the Wi-Fi system be tailored for charter flights or exclusively for recurring passengers?

The aircraft size also plays a crucial role in selecting the appropriate system. A smaller cabin may lean towards Gogo AVANCE platforms due to limited space for antenna installation. The Gogo AVANCE platform is particularly suitable for customers primarily flying in North America. Responding to customer demands for broader map coverage, Gogo is launching a new worldwide system called Galileo, utilizing LEO satellites, and connecting to AVANCE platforms in the coming years. This simple installation requires only a fuselage mount antenna, making it ideal for mid-to-large cabins. For basic tasks with lower bandwidth requirements, such as emails, Gogo offers the AVANCE L3 system, which is ideally suited for smaller aircraft like Cessna and Pilatus.

Satcom Direct PS KU

Mid-to-large aircraft engaged in international flights may opt for a global solution, such as the Satcom Direct Plane Simple Solution. In today’s era, there are numerous high-speed internet options available, and customers need to assess service plans and choose the satellite network interface wisely. Satcom Direct offers a dedicated worldwide solution for business aircraft known as Intelsat FlexExec, enhancing the overall passenger experience safety.

In addition, both Gogo and Satcom Direct excel in customer service, a vital factor in system selection. Minimal installation downtime is also a significant consideration for customers. The Plane Simple system by Satcom Direct requires only two line-replaceable units (LRU) and can be installed by Skyservice™ in as little as three weeks. Similarly, Gogo’s AVANCE platform, providing air-to-ground connectivity with high speed, offers a swift installation period of three to four weeks.