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Using Proven Expert Guides

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, domestic or international travel, buying and selling personal aircraft requires considerable knowledge, experience and capabilities. The best way to expertly manage navigating the ins and outs of the aviation industry is by finding and using proven, expert guides. As an accredited member of the IADA, Skyservice™ certified brokers are reputable, honest and ethical, working tirelessly to provide you with the utmost integrity in all travel matters.

Find a Dependable Aircraft Broker

As the aviation brokerage industry is unregulated — allowing anyone to work as an aircraft broker — it’s important that you find a dependable broker who can provide objective information and opinions, while exercising global accessibility and a proven track record. Buying a plane is a large investment: selecting a reputable broker is paramount.

A knowledgeable broker can offer a number of valuable services, including both navigational support and guidance, providing insight about what may or may not be suitable, and assisting in the purchasing process. An effective company can also help project manage the orchestration of offer management, legal documentation, bill of sale, affidavits, title, evaluations, and plane inspections, allowing you to remain on track with paperwork and the buying/selling process. Skyservice has its own in-house team ready to support the transaction process, and can also recommend specialists for various additional needs.

Choosing a company with years of demonstrated experience in marketing power provides access to strong relationships and crucial contacts, while positioning your aircraft so it is most effectively seen and marketed. Skyservice brokers boast more than 30 years of experience in aviation issues, competitive pricing, and market conditions, all of which combine to give you, the customer, quality service and satisfactory results.

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Highest Percentage of Sales in Canada

As Skyservice is affiliated with the largest listing boards, we can provide credible listing services and postings on leading sites. We are also the exclusive agent for Honda Jet, and have one of the highest percentage sales in Canada for new jets in the private aviation for the VLJ market segment.

Responsible plane ownership means selecting the best in accessibility, ease, and security of travel. At Skyservice we understand there is more to simply buying and selling an aircraft. We are a full-service aviation provider ready to assist in all elements of business aviation, including acquisition, facilities, parking and refuelling. We employ a management team ready to take over the operational support of aircraft ownership, and a team of dedicated experts who can help finance your plane through charter services. Our highly trained and skilled maintenance team offers support for more than 123 types of business and commercial aircraft, with accessibility to parts, and on-call availability 24/7 for all AOG services.


Choosing Skyservice means choosing to purchase with confidence.

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