Safety First: Skyservice’s Approach to Aircraft Maintenance

Our Fleet Maintenance Program ensures that your aircraft is maintained to the highest standards in the industry.  Our Program oversees scheduled, unscheduled, AOG, technical support and troubleshooting guidance for the maintenance of your aircraft.  The Program manages the day-to-day maintenance requirements along with short- and long-term planning to ensure maximum aircraft availability and ultimately, the best in dispatch reliability and on time departures.

Our clients choose Skyservice to perform their maintenance because we have an unwavering commitment to safety, deliver meticulous attention to detail and take an exceptional approach to our maintenance services.


Skyservice’s unique approach

To maintain the outstanding reputation for safety that the aviation industry enjoys, all Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul  (MRO) services must be conducted to the highest quality standards, and Skyservice takes this commitment to another level.

Our aircraft maintenance engineers & technicians are qualified to the highest standards, undergo regular refresher airframe and engine training and have a wealth of experience and expertise across a range of aircraft. Our team takes immense pride in their work, performing every element of their aircraft maintenance program with the same precision and care to ensure that every aircraft that leaves the hangar is in optimal condition to take to the skies.

Extensive Tooling and Equipment Investment

Skyservice invests heavily in tooling and equipment, so our technicians have what they need to accomplish maintenance efficiently and safely. Priority is given to the purchase of safety tooling and equipment, and we are constantly reviewing, renewing, and investing in new and innovative items.

Minimizing downtime

Time is of the essence in private jet travel, and we are committed to minimizing downtime for our clients. To support this objective, we review short- and long-term scheduled maintenance and compare to the flying schedule and pilot training schedule. We combine scheduled items together to avoid multiple downtimes throughout the year, maximizing the availability of the aircraft when you need it. We maintain an extensive component inventory to ensure the necessary parts are available and in stock year-round.

By taking these proactive measures to maintain adequate stock levels, we provide an efficient service to our clients, significantly reducing repair and maintenance cycles, keeping aircraft in optimal condition with minimum interruption and delivering a seamless experience for our clients.

OEM-certified excellence

Skyservice’s competence and expertise extends beyond our team and tooling, and is affirmed through our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certifications, authorizations and dealerships. Our full of our OEM brands we service and our aircraft avionics partners is extensive.

Peace of mind need not be a luxury

Every passenger on every aircraft must have complete confidence in the capabilities of the aircraft upon which they are traveling and the crew that serves them. This confidence is crucial to the aircraft manufacturer and the reputation of the entire aviation industry.

Skyservice understands that peace of mind is invaluable, not a luxury, and for this reason, our Fleet Maintenance program ensures that clients take to the skies with complete confidence. By delivering an unparalleled level of safety and maintenance, we continually raise the bar against which all aircraft maintenance companies are judged.

Fleet Maintenance Program – the conclusion

We are a company that consistently aims higher and reaches further to our clients with premium experiences and an excellent ownership experience. Our extensive range of services, supported by an inspirational logistics supply chain, impressive OEM certifications, state-of-the-art tooling and highly qualified aviation mechanics set us apart as a leader in the industry.

Skyservice elevates the “safety first” motto to a new level and provides peace of mind as standard. Whether you are just embarking on a journey into private jet ownership or own a fleet of corporate aircraft, please contact us today to find out how you can benefit from our industry-leading service, support and expertise.

Skyservice operates six MRO facilities across Canada and the United States.