Safety First When Choosing an Aviation Services Company

Safety is the most important factor to consider when choosing an aviation services company. Charter jet passengers and private aircraft owners should carefully consider a company’s safety management systems, safety record, industry accreditation and employee training before choosing their aviation service provider.

Here are three key safety areas to consider.

Safety First When Choosing an Aviation-Services Company

1. Comprehensive Safety Management Systems

A Safety Management System (SMS) is a systemic approach to managing all aspects of safety, including policies, procedures, accountability and reporting systems. An SMS is instituted to ensure the safety and security of passengers, employees, flight crews and service and maintenance staff.

Skyservice™ has one of the most comprehensive safety management systems in the industry. Our proprietary SMS process, Occurrence Reporting System and safety programs provide us with the ability to identify hazards, conduct risk assessments and mitigate risks. All situations and issues pertaining to our customers are reported. This allows for safety and security and ensures that Skyservice delivers the best service. Skyservice consistently works to increase efficiencies and to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

2. Corporate Safety Culture

Safety starts as soon as you arrive at the airport. Your aviation services provider should demonstrate a commitment to every aspect of your passenger experience, including stringent security, safe transfer between the passenger areas and aircraft and proper management of luggage and cargo.

Skyservice has an unparalleled safety culture. We train every employee to uphold the highest safety standard in Canadian business aviation. This is managed daily by our SMS team that covers all phases of operations, including Flight Operations, Maintenance and FBO Services.

3. Accredited Industry Safety Ratings

Safety is our top priority. And we have the industry rating to prove it. Skyservice is proud to be ranked ARG/US Platinum, which is North America’s strictest rating for operational safety. Our commitment to the high standards set forth by ARGUS International has contributed to Skyservice being recognised as the leader in the Canadian business aviation industry.

Accredited Industry Safety Ratings - aviation services

4. Fully Trained and Dedicated Crew

While emergency situations are rare, pilots must be highly trained on the aircraft they are operating and be able to respond effectively when problems or bad weather occur. A trusted aircraft management company must have a rigorous process for hiring and training a dedicated team for your aircraft.

Skyservice’s comprehensive training program ensures pilots and crews have the necessary qualifications to be current on their aircraft and keep our passengers safe. All of our pilots must complete annual training and certification requirements, including full-motion simulators, ground training and online education modules to ensure that the crew can experience and respond effectively to potential emergency situations.

As an integral part of the flight operations team, flight attendants must complete the approved Flight Attendant training program and annual practical procedures training. At Skyservice, all flight attendants also have up-to-date, CPR, first aid, safety and WHIMIS training.

Fully Trained and Dedicated Crew - aviation services

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